Bloomfield Wins Dirt Masters

June 11, 2014

Darren Bloomfield came through a difficult race at the weekends Clanfield Dirt Masters to emerge as the new Champion of this annual event.
The Clanfield track is always a challenge for the drivers and it would be no different on this occasion, the fast and flowing layout as previously was accompanied by a rough and bumpy surface to really test the cars and drivers.
Agama team drivers Tony Truman and Jon Hazlewood were also present, and Tony was running very quickly early on showing great pace in the early rounds, as was BETA tyre shod Kevin Brunsden. Darren would sort himself out to take the overall TQ from team mate Truman, the Agama guys with a 1-2 on the grid in front of Kevin Brunsden 3rd.
The hot and bumpy conditions would make the main final a real test for everybody and Darren would get off to a terrible start putting him to the back of the pack. This left Tony and Kevin battling away at the front but the attrition started to take hold as several front runners dropped out. Darren was setting some blindingly quick lap times as he came back through the pack, but suffered a set back when an error went unseen by a marshall costing around 20 seconds. Still Champion that he is, he stuck at the task and was able to get himself up to Kevin Brunsden in the closing stages and eventually make the pass that would seal the win. 
Completing the excellent weekend for Agama, the Truggy class saw a 1-3 finish for the A8T's as well. Tony Scott taking the victory with Lee Warren taking the final step on the podium.

Many thanks to Tony Bolwell and the crew for another good event.

Next race for the NEMO crew is the outstanding Paddy Piston Cup just outside Belfast…..

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