2020 PR S1 V3 (FM) EVO 1/10 Electric 2WD Off Road Buggy PRO Kit(Gear Diff Version) *2019 pictured

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#75400026 PR S1 V3 TYPE R(FM) EVO 1/10 Electric 2WD Buggy PRO
The S1 V3 platform continues to evolve with a whole host of improvements to create the V3R Evo.
The main focus has been to make the car smoother and easier to drive on track, and this has
been achieved with a revised 2.5mm thick -5mm length 7075 aluminium chassis . In addition new
insert type hangers have been introduced, and in conjunction with the chassis design allow for
much lower rear roll centre, keeping the car much flatter on track with smoother rotation.
New Ackerman geometry, and new CNC rear hubs with longer link positons also improve on
track driveability. A new motor mount has been produced to lower the motor 2mm into a recess
in the chassis, and makes a particular difference on today’s high grip tracks. In addition to all the
geometry and mechanical changes, the V3R Evo has been treated to a new body, designed to
look sleek and offer more steering with it’s much larger forward mounted cabin.

2020 V3R Evo – Updates
• 75400036-PR S1 Front Chassis Top Plate (Sway Bar seat)
•69400156-PRS1V3 TYPE R-Fornt Lower gull Wishbon 2020
•68480106- SB401 S1 Wing Stay Set 2020
•74430016-S1 V3 Vented Slipper Plates 2020
•71400686-PRS1-V3FM(R)EVO Lightweight Body
•71400716-PR S1 V3 (FM) Waterfall(Soft)
•68430016-Slipper Pad -19mm
• 74480036-S1 Gear Diff. Cage(Lightweight, high smooth)
•68480476-Anti-Roll bar Balls 1.7mm
•66481186- 7 Degree Aluminum Lower Swing Arm Mount (+5mm)
•66480646 S1 Top Shaft (20T) Lightweight 2020
•71400586 Aluminum CNC "RF" Suspension Block
•79480046 Pin 3 x 50.8mm
•71400696 S1FM V3-R 3mm Aluminum chassis

Items required to complete
• Length: 411mm
• Width: 250mm
• Height: 145mm
• Wheelbase: 280mm
• Front track: 248mm
• Rear track: 248mm
• Weight:1480-1510 g
• 12.8mm big bore oil fill in shock
• 3 gears deploy in gear case
• Metal gear differential
• Dual pad slipper mounting
• Complete sealed gear bearing
• 12mm Hex fit wheels
• Metric socket screw (Hex Screws)

Item Required To Complete
• Metric 1.5mm, 2.0mm hex tools
• Metric 5.5mm, 7.0mm 8.0mm Nut Driver
• 2 Channel Surface Radio System (Minimum)
• 1/10 ESC, Motor & Pinion Gear
• High Speed Servo
• 2S LiPo Shorty Battery & Compatible Lipo Charger
• Polycarbonate Paint for Bodies
• 1/10 Buggy Tires, inserts and CA Glue