Bullitt F-225 Nitro Engine

Engine only, pipe must be purchased separately.

Any pipe previously used on an OS based engine will work the same on this engine. 


Absolute top line performance motor from Bullitt. 

Suitable for buggy and truggy.

Lower consumption, higher runtime.
3 ports + exhaust.
Bore 16.4 mm.
Linear bottom & top-end power.
DLC coated crankshaft.
2x tungsten balanced crankshaft.
Rear ceramic ball-bearing - Germany.
Front ball-bearing - Japan.
Specially selected & matched sleeve / piston set.
Individually lapped sleeve/piston for easier & faster break-in.
9 rib engine head, specially machined angle on the fins for better heat dissipation.
Off-road carburetor with easy to tune long needle.
Includes 6.5mm venturi.